“A finger pointing at the moon is not the moon. The finger is needed to know where to look for the moon, but if you mistake the finger for the moon itself, you will never know the real moon” Thich Nhat Hahn


My attempts with words about the moon circle reminds me of this favorite analogy about the finger pointing to the moon. What IS a moon circle … what is it about? The idea to create moon circles came after a training in how to facilitate women’s circles. I was inspired by how circles can create deeper connections. Meditation was on my mind and I wanted to offer something twice a month… hmmm the new and full moon occurs twice a month! I had been doing my own moon rituals for sometime, so perfect to bring it to a gathering space and see what happens. It’s been so beautiful to experience everyones combined wisdom and heartfelt offerings to the circle - My heart is warmed and I feel deep gratitude for everyones presence. For me, the moon magic is in the connection and beautiful wisdom that naturally occurs when we make space for it!

What is a “circle?”

For ages, people have gathered in groups for many reasons to connect, empower each other, and heal. “A circle” is a gathering with some commonly agreed guidelines and can form around a wide range of themes including common identities, women, nature, the moon, various forms of spirituality, healing for such things as survivors of sexual abuse or grief, and common interests such as book groups or knitting. Circles emphasize equality, the wisdom of the participants, safety, being heard and seen, listening to each other, and healing through connection and self-empowerment. Jean Shinoda Bolen writes in her book The Millionth Circle that “being in a circle is learning and growing experience that draws upon the wisdom and experience, commitment, and courage of each one in it. As we begin to change our personal relationships, that change spreads. It’s like throwing pebbles in a pond; each one has an impact and an effect, with concentric rings of change rippling out and affecting other relationships.”

A circle is a place where we are heard and witnessed.

Why the moon theme for a circle?

First, take a moment and imagine when you have looked at the moon, what are some of the words, thoughts, feelings that come to mind? The moon can remind us to pause, connect with nature, and reflect. It is literally a circle. It is both consistent and has cycles, balances both dark and light, and ebs and flows. It is influential and connecting, impacts the oceans tides. It is both ancient and present in this very moment. It can help us to reconnect with natures rhythms and timing while supporting our own bodies rhythms as well. Menstrual cycles have been referred to as moon cycles. It is feminine and intuitive. Farmers have used the moon to plant by and indigenous have names for moons reflecting the seasons.

New Moon and Full Moon

The new moon, dark moon, is a time to set intentions, establish goals, and plant seeds about what you want to bring forward in your life. By establishing a time with nature to do this every month, we bring awareness to what we want to prioritize and manifest in our lives. The full moon is a time to reflect on what we have brought into our lives, recognize and express gratitude for what is, while we also notice obstacles and release what no longer serves us. As a mindfulness meditation practice, the moon can simply be a time to pause and practice mindfulness and meditation. It can also be a time to self-care. There are many ways to use the moons rhythms for wellness.

What exactly happens at the moon circle?

This is sacred time and space to deepen into stillness with supported meditation practice, allow contemplation with the power of putting words to paper, and be witness to yourself and others setting intentions/releasing in a ceremonious way. More specifically: First we establishing the Circle with a check in. Then, I will share about this particular moon cycle based on seasons and moon phase. I lead a meditation based on a combination of mindfulness, yoga nidra, and visualizations. There is a moment after meditation for reflection/writing. We witness each other sharing our intentions and burning in the central cauldron. A moment to connect and release the circle with a check out.

Other Details

  • It is a standalone event, you can come to one or as many as you’d like.

  • Come as you are, dress comfortable, bring a journal (optional), and please plan your arrival early and on time.

  • This is a space to connect with sacred feminine energy.

  • Due to space limitations, 10 participants, no drop ins, but feel free to contact me the same day for availability.

  • It is $15 a session (sliding fee scale options available upon request) preregistration and advanced payment required (no refunds can be issued). Contact me for registration.